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  • MatchUp: SMITE vs Paragon
  •   We’re pairing up two of the biggest third person MOBA titles on the market right now, SMITE (Hi-Rez Studios) and Paragon (Epic Games), a constant comparison and contest is made between these two due to their third person camera perspective (over a classic top down/isometric MOBA...
  • SMITE Fenrir, Skadi and Erlang Shen Skins Raffle
  •   If you play SMITE you are in for a treat. Today we'll give away 450 codes to unlock a god and get a special skin. We got 150 keys of each one of these: Erlang Shen - Illustrious, Skadi - Frostbound and Fenrir - Iron Maw. The raffle will feature 4000 codes, and if you win, you'll see...
  • SMITE Jing Wei Skin Giveaway
  •   SMITE's latest update, Escape from the Underworld, introduces today a new Chinese goddess: Jing Wei, a huntress with high mobility. And we want to celebrate the occasion by giving away skins of this new character. This content update marks the beginning of a four weeks event in...


4 Comments - "SMITE Jing Wei Skin Giveaway"

  1. xXDefeader824Xx 12/04/2016 at 17:29 -

    I want more Smite skins!

  2. Abderrazaki Guemouri 17/04/2016 at 09:02 -

    I want to give me this awesome jing wei to my email

  3. FalFal 08/09/2016 at 13:25 -

    Can you give me a code.. pls? When i came here it was not working..I thought that it was a bug and i let it sit like for 4 weeks.Butnow it`s finished :(( D;

  4. Admin 08/09/2016 at 16:00 -

    FalFal the promo finished more than 4 months ago…!!!