Skyforge’s Paladin Class revealed

SkyForge Free2Play MMORPG introduces us to the next class in Skyforge, a fearless warrior and defender of those too weak to fight for themselves- the Paladin. We got a new video featuring this new class and some screenshots.

The Paladin prefers to fight at the forefront of a battle, they have a decent amount of health, allowing them to withstand the attack of any force and to "tank" several enemies at once, while fast regeneration means they are able to fight monsters non-stop, performing powerful attacks and spectacular combos as they move from enemy to enemy.

sf_paladin_screenshot_004 sf_paladin_screenshot_003 sf_paladin_screenshot_002 sf_paladin_screenshot_001

The main feature of this class is a large number of defensive skills that include the removal of negative effects and resistance to control. He can also control his enemies, stun them and knock them down, slow down and even immobilize them. His primary task is to draw enemies' attention to himself and let his teammates or his high survivability do the rest.

Temporary invincibility will help him escape from seemingly hopeless situations and turn the tide of battle. When things go really badly, the hero sanctifies the ground around him and gains the ability to use any skill without spending "righteous anger." For continuous DPS, a Paladin must be near his target.


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One Comment - "Skyforge’s Paladin Class revealed"

  1. anip September 11, 2014 at 10:46 PM -

    game looks great

    I just hope they’ll stop doing stupid ways of giving out Beta keys

    40~100 keys from Facebook (5000+ people fighting for it)
    20 keys from a class creation contest (so the devs can use those idea to create future class easier than thinking it up themselves)

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