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Skyforge is a free to play sci-fi meets fantasy MMO RPG set in a unique universe where players take on the role of immortals and can progress to becoming gods themselves. Developed by Obidian Entertainment (South Park: The Stick of Truth, Fallout: New Vegas) and Allods Team (Allods Online) the game promises to be an action packed hit that tries to redefine the MMO RPG genre.


  • Level up your immortal character to defend the world

  • Customise characters with various talents and skill builds

  • 10+ classes to choose from

  • Engaging in PVE in a beautifully designed world filled with quests

  • Participate in small-scale and massive PVP activities

  • Exciting action-based combat

  • Free to play


The Greater God that ruled over the world of Aelion have disappeared leaving is protection in the hands of the Immortals, those capable of rising to God horde themselves, and a handful of lesser gods that still remain. Without their greater God to rule over them hostilities have arisen from those wishing to claim this seemingly undefended world for themselves and so now war has consumed the land.

The Immortals now band together to fight back these threats using magic and futuristic technology to battle against the creatures and enemies from these would-be invaders, born for battle these Immortals may even find themselves becoming Greater Gods and the ultimate protectors.


There are plans to have over a dozen classes available and more classes added after release during the live game. Different classes will allow for different styles of play and players are able to switch between them quickly and easily. Two of the available classes are:

  • The Cryomancer - showing no mercy to their enemies the Cryomancer has mastered ice and cold, using a portable cryogenerator to harness energy within the air and form deadly shards of ice to send out as projectiles to skewer their foes.

  • The Paladin - stoic defenders of the weak, they use their divine energy to empower their own blade and bring down their enemies with a righteous holy wrath. The seal they carry into battle is a beacon of inspiration to allies and bane to the Paladin’s enemies.


The combat within the game is very action-based and cinematic utilising wonderful special effects and over the top attacks and dynamic and entertaining combat moves that defines the style of the game. Using the mouse to perform a variety of different attacks, where each class uses a mouse in different ways and can perform a number of different attacks using it, players can build up combos using only a small number of buttons. With the character customisation options and the open class system players will be able to optimise their characters and try out a number of different hybrid classes and builds to get the most out of their character.


There are large portions of theme Park elements within the game, where players can navigate through a chain of quests and story lines as is expected of most MMO RPGs. In the game there are multiple activities that players can participate in at any one time ranging from solo play, group based events and even PVP activities that take place in both instances and open world areas. Players can use the map room function to get an overview of everything that is happening and jump into the content that they wish to participate in.


With the mix of fantasy and sci-fi the world of Skyforge creates an interesting environment where both of these influences are seen throughout. From the mysterious Dankit Island where the very air itself smells like rot and decay due to the inhabiting Scavangers, the evil worshippers of the greater dark god Thanatos, that have allied them ratlike creatures known as Virth who have recently arrived. Or the more futuristic “Factory” where deadly mechanoids were assembled; the location is now under the occupation of these intelligent AI machines that took over and wiped out the “biological” contaminants and will require the Immortals to take it back.


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  1. laubauflo January 4, 2017 at 1:57 PM -

    The devs are untrustworthy. There was a system in place, they excreted in everyway possible on it when they rebuilt everything from the ground up. Only some things mattered after the system changed. totally unfair.

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