Seafight The Anne Bunny Event

Seafight The Anne Bunny Event
Seafight The Anne Bunny Event

BigPoint and offer to our audience the new Easter Event for Seafight.

The Anne Bunny Event duration:

Start: 09.04.2020
End: 18.04.2020

Easter is in danger! Anne Bunny needs your help. Her father, William Cormac, is back, ready to get revenge for last year’s stinging defeat. Uncover his deadly plot and save Nauticaa from a terrible fate! Complete treacherous quests, earn outstanding rewards including ship designs and pets, and rule the Seven Seas during the Anne Bunny event this Easter.

Earn Cursed and Radiant Souls and head to the Black Market to get your hands on bountifiul rewards including Heartbreaker ammunition, powerful Buff items and retro ship designs and pets. So what are you waiting for? Weigh anchor and enjoy an egg-cellent event this Easter!

Seafight is a real-time Pirate combat free-to-play MMO Game, 2D browser-based MMORPG, the game is developed and publiched by Bigpoint Games, all the updates, news, events for Seafight here on

Source: Bigpoint Games - Seafight

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