Seafight Free Starter Pack

Seafight Free Starter Pack

Bipoint and offer this nice FREE Package for Seafight for all the users create a new account from 3rd November until 30th November 2020 with the links you see on the post.

Take to the stormy seas and discover the vast world of Seafight, the legendary online pirate adventure game! Explore challenging maps littered with fearsome enemy pirates and terrifying monsters.

Register today and you’ll receive an exclusive FREE package worth over €250, containing these amazing items:

• 2,000,000 Flare Ammunition – One of the most powerful cannonballs in the game
• 1,500,000 Pearls – Seafight’s in-game currency
• 35,000 Crowns – Seafight’s most sought-after in-game currency
• 2x Booty Bags: Containing extremely effective items to boost any ship’s stats
• 350x Doomhammer Cannons: Enough strong cannons to blast your enemies to pieces
• Taureau Amulet and Poseidon's Crown: Two useful healing Action Items
• Cabin boys: These crew members help with cannons and increase the amount of damage made
• The King and Queen's Legacy: 14 days of each - Two of the strongest buffs in the game

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Step 2. Register from 3rd November until 30th November 2020 to Seafight and these powerful items will be automatically booked to your account!

So, what are you waiting for? Weigh anchor and begin your epic journey to become the most famous pirate on the internet. Defend your ship and blast your foes to the bottom of the ocean!

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