Seafight Civil War

Seafight Civil War

Bipoint, announced Civil War Event for Seafight here on

Seafight The Civil War Event duration:

End:August 31th, 2020

Seafight Event

One of the greatest battles in history must be held again. Fly your flag and choose whether to fight for Dalton's army or the Regent's fleet during the "Civil War" event. Sink as many rival ships as you can and earn reputation for your team!

Put your skills to the test on the arena map and savor victory during the event to choose from incredible rewards. Go to the black market and get treasures like Event Keys, ammunition, useful power-ups, cannons and much more.

Sink enemy ships to earn reputation points. Reach the top of the leaderboards and earn rewards like Firestorm Cannons! Sail the seven seas in search of event chests and shipwrecks to collect vital items to help you win the war for either Dalton's army or the Regent's fleet!

About Seafight

Seafight is a real-time Pirate combat browser-based free-to-play MMO Game, 2D MMORPG that allows you to take command of your own ship and sail through dangerous waters in search of treasures and glory.

Seafight Key Features

  • Pirate Adventure Awaits – Seafight is a real-time fantasy adventure: It’s time to set sail for a captivating adventure, compete in grueling battles at sea and satisfy your undying desire for freedom, fame and wealth.

  • Open World PvP – Set sail alone on , or with a group of friends, and seek out enemy players on Seafight. Engage them on the high seas! Whoever wins gets control of that part of the world – and the loot it contains.

  • Browser-Based Convenience – No downloads, contracts, or subscriptions required! You can log in and play from any computer, anytime for FREE. With plenty of Pirate MMO action to enjoy.

Seafight is developed and publiched by Bigpoint, all the updates, news, events for Seafight here on

Source: Bigpoint - Seafight

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