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  • World of Warships: The Good & The Bad
  • World of Warships is a free to play naval combat simulator from Wargaming and part of the “World of” series of games; in it players will captain their own huge battleships in the iconic events of WW2 battling in team based objective focused matches. Let's look over some of the Good &...
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  •   For our next “What Do We Love About…?” article we’re taking a look at Wargaming’s naval battle shooter World of Warships, a free to play foray onto the high oceans during World War 2 where players can duke it out as the different nations that dominated the seas during that...
  • F2PMeter: Is World of Warships Truly Free to Play?
  •   In World of Warships players captain their own WW2 battleships in intense strategic team based battles, with multiple nations to choose from and historically accurate vessels to unlock and upgrade, players can enjoy the tactical naval battles for free. However, we’re going to put...


2 Comments - "F2PMeter: Is World of Warships Truly Free to Play?"

  1. zxcczzzz 17/02/2016 at 12:19 -

    Pay to win poop, buy pay to win stuff and one shot everyone, same story in world of tank

  2. Old Tanker 17/02/2016 at 17:01 -

    What? What kind of pay to win stuff in that game allows to one shot everyone? Or in WoT?

    Premium tanks or ships are in most cases a little worse that normal tanks or ships,

    There are a few models in WoT that were badly balanced and are OP but in most cases access to them was limited (to special events) or totally closed.

    And in WoWS so far all premium ships are at best average comparing with normal.

    Also WoWS has no gold ammo like WoT, so it is in that case much better for f2p. Altogether paying and non paying player can have in WoWS same fun, specially in lower tiers. In higher costs of repair can be problem if you have no premium ship, but it can be solved by keeping some tier V-VI ships which make nice income. It works similar in WoT