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  • Riders of Icarus Releasing Ranger’s Fury on December 15
  • Riders of Icarus Releasing Ranger's Fury on December 15   Riders of Icarus will receive a new content update on December 15th. "Ranger's Fury" will introduce the new ranger class, a new level cap (50), a new desert zone, new desert familiars and new mounts to tame. Watch the trailer...
  • New Update for Riders of Icarus: Exarahn Badlands
  •   Riders of Icarus has received its second major update, introducing a new vast PvP region, new creatures to tame and mount, new quests, guild alliance wars, and new game mechanics. Players will get to travel 1,000 years in the past and enter Exarahn Badlands, a dedicated PvP zone full...
  • Riders of Icarus Heroic Riders Packs Raffle
  •   Right on time for the Open Beta, we are starting this week with a special giveaway of three Heroic Riders Packs for Riders of Icarus. The pack costs €42.99 (valued at €105.86) and includes exclusive mounts, 30 days of premium service, skins, an extra character slot, a special...


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