Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: WeMade Entertainment


Riders of Icarus is a free to play theme-park style MMORPG set in a fantasy world where players will ultimately become legendary Riders, those who can ride flying mounts and save the world from the dangers of a rising legion of evil. With a number of features traditional to MMORPGs and some unique elements the game boasts a well written storyline and beautiful graphics made on the Crytek engine.


- Five playable classes
- Story driven quests
- Action combat
- Tame your own mounts and pets
- Mounted and Aerial combat
- Crafting
- PVP content
- Free to play


You and your companions were tasked with escorting the Princess to a place of safety when you were ambushed by the evil dragon riders; you failed your mission. Awaking in in a prison cell you are rescued by a companion from the Onyx Order and now you must escape, and your true mission begins: to try and find where the Princess has been taken to.


The game at its core is a traditional massively multiplayer online roleplaying game featuring many classic gameplay elements such as questing, crafting, PVE, PVP and exploration; players will typically control a character and complete various quests and killing numerous beasts and monsters to gain XP and level up their character to make them stronger. As players advance they will unlock new abilities, seek out new zones and quests, and advance the overall storyline where they play one of the central roles.

Players design their own characters with a highly customizable creator, able to choose different hairstyles, skin tones, facial details and body proportions, as well as ultimately choosing their primary class.


The game has five playable classes:

The Berserker – this physical melee fighter focuses on brutal attacks where they build up their own rage meter to string together powerful combos that will devastate their opponents

The Guardian – a frontline fighter that focuses on shielding their companions from the enemy, using heavy armor and shields they can protect companions with a number of skills and soak up damage

The Priest – using the light of Ellora to smite their foes, or the deities’ holy blessing to heal and revive their companions in battle, they are a versatile support character

The Assassin – relying on their dexterous battle style they can dodge in and out of battle and perform a number of aerial feats when fighting against an enemy, landing critical strikes

The Wizard – summoning the natural elements to grant them power, Wizards call upon fire, ice and lightning to obliterate those that stand before them, fighting from a distance with deadly accuracy


Combat is a more classic tab-targeting style where players will have a variety of skills accessible on their number keys, more skills are unlocked as you level up your character, as well as getting a talent point every five levels to spend in one of the three class trees. Skills can be used in conjunction with each other to destabilize enemies and lower their resistance to status effects, or combo’d to deal more crit damage, and a variety of other functions.


There are numerous PVE options, fundamentally players will be fighting random enemies that they encounter around the world, new monsters in different locations and instanced based dungeons with greater enemies and bosses. When entering a dungeon players can actually choose the difficulty level, where the more difficult the dungeon the higher the damage and healthpoints of the enemies as well as them carrying more loot, meaning that even lower level dungeons can still be potentially challenging for a player that has out-levelled them giving a lot of repeat content.


Players will find hundreds of mounts and creatures all across the world that they can try to tame, by approaching them and jumping upon their backs players must perfor a small mini-game pushing the WASD keys when they appear on the screen to try and tame a creature. Once tamed players can collect their familiars and summon them at any time, as rideable mounts that you can fight on the back of, pet companions who will fight by your side, and even flying mounts like the Pegasus to fly in the air and engage in daring aerial combat.


O/S: Windows 7+
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 3GHz
HDD: 15 GB
Video: 512 MB VGA Card


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