Riders of Icarus Releasing Ranger’s Fury on December 15

Riders of Icarus Releasing Ranger's Fury on December 15


Riders of Icarus will receive a new content update on December 15th. "Ranger's Fury" will introduce the new ranger class, a new level cap (50), a new desert zone, new desert familiars and new mounts to tame. Watch the trailer below.

The ranger features two combat styles: long range combat with a bow and close-quarter combat with the Vambrace. This class use dark power to augment its skills. Players will get to choose on what talents and playstyles they want to focus.

The update will introduce the new Cloying Wastes area, a new desert zone where players will find different factions, new creatures to tame and collect and two new dungeons.

Here is the trailer:

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