Merc Elite screenshots

  • Merc Elite shows off the Juggernaut
  •   Bigpoint has just unveiled a new video and some details regarding one of the mercenary classes available in Merc Elite, their military MOBA: the Juggernaut. This guy, armed with a shootgun, feels at home in the center of the battle, where the fight is most intense. It can counts...
  • Gamescom 2013 – Merc Elite exclusive presentation
  •   After the amazing Action Day of the last month, during the Gamescom we’ve met again with Jeff Lydell, Producer of Merc Elite, the upcoming military-themed browser MOBA currently in closed beta, and this time we managed to record for you a video interview and a gameplay session where...
  • Merc Elite, exclusive gameplay videos
  •   We got the chance to check out Merc Elite, the military co-op MOBA game, in the early Closed Beta and today we bring you two videos: a tutorial walkthrough to learn the basics and a full match to see the game in motion. Enjoy!


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