Gamescom 2013 – Merc Elite exclusive presentation


After the amazing Action Day of the last month, during the Gamescom we’ve met again with Jeff Lydell, Producer of Merc Elite, the upcoming military-themed browser MOBA currently in closed beta, and this time we managed to record for you a video interview and a gameplay session where Jeff himself shows us the game in action by playing as his favourite class: the Assault.

The first thing he showed us is that finally they’re letting more and more players to step into the closed beta and so it is finally easy to find a match in a reasonable amount of time (the first time we tried the game it was common to wait 20 minutes for a match).

Jeff gave us a complete and exhaustive description of Merc Elite for all the players who never heard of it, and, as you will hear in the video interview we will also publish, the game offers a lot of interesting and different features which in our opinion will probably grant it to gather its very own crowd of fans, rather than try to compete with the giants of the genre.

He showed us some of the improvements and tweaks they made to some classes, including a total rework of the Recon and its stealth system, which is now a passive skill affected by movement and by the hits received by the Recon, rather than a classic active skill.

Moreover, he explained us that compared to other MOBAs which heavy revolve around keep releasing more and more characters, they are thinking to use a different approach, and after the commercial launch, with time, players can expect to see the release of a lot of different maps as well.



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