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  • The Challenge Mode Arrives in CABAL 2
  • CABAL 2 revitalizes its dungeons by introducing a new mode: the Challenge Mode. This new mode adds difficulty, timed battles, more powerful enemies and the brand-new rune system. The Challenge mode provides a new way to take on dungeons. Players get to fight waves of bosses in time battles....
  • Cabal 2 Review
  •   Cabal 2 has just gone into open beta and we were fortunate enough to be given a Founders Pack which gave us a few days early access and some in game perks. From Korean developers ESTsoft, the game is the obvious sequel to their pretty successful MMORPG Cabal Online. In the game players...
  • CABAL 2 PvP Battlefields Overview
  •   ESTSoft has released the final video in the feature-focused series of CABAL 2. In this new entry, GM Icee gives us an overview of the multiple PvP battlefields available for all the players in the game. CABAL 2, sequel to Cabal Online launching this Spring in North America and...


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