The Challenge Mode Arrives in CABAL 2

CABAL 2 revitalizes its dungeons by introducing a new mode: the Challenge Mode. This new mode adds difficulty, timed battles, more powerful enemies and the brand-new rune system.

The Challenge mode provides a new way to take on dungeons. Players get to fight waves of bosses in time battles. After defeating each boss, time is added to the clock. it also feature rankings, so players can see who is the best survivor.

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The new mode also introduces Runes, a new type of equipment for those who complete each Challenge mode dungeon. Runes offer players an increase in stats and are upgraded to become through the Rune Transformation System.

The classic Calm Snowy Fields, Hall of the Recluse, Heavenly Citadel and Lupurs Excavation Site dungeons return as Challenge Mode dungeons, now with a level-45 requirement to enter.

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Source: ESTSoft Press Release.

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