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  • The War Arrives in CABAL 2
  • CABAL 2 has just released its bigged update yet, Calamity of War, introducing a level cap increase from 45 to 50, open world PvP, three new dungeons, new skills, a new zone and new equipment. Watch the trailer and check out some screenshots below. “With all of the success of CABAL...
  • Blackwaves Update Rolls Onto Cabal 2
  • The first content update for Cabal 2 is now live, featuring instanced events that allow players to battle their way against waves of various enemies, all-new gear and a real-time score tracker. Players will have to face 12 waves of mobs, along with 24 players (four groups) per event. Each...
  • CABAL 2 PvP Battlefields Overview
  •   ESTSoft has released the final video in the feature-focused series of CABAL 2. In this new entry, GM Icee gives us an overview of the multiple PvP battlefields available for all the players in the game. CABAL 2, sequel to Cabal Online launching this Spring in North America and...


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  1. Jessie February 9, 2016 at 7:20 AM -

    My prbloem was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

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