Blackwaves Update Rolls Onto Cabal 2

The first content update for Cabal 2 is now live, featuring instanced events that allow players to battle their way against waves of various enemies, all-new gear and a real-time score tracker.

Players will have to face 12 waves of mobs, along with 24 players (four groups) per event. Each new wave will be more difficult and dangerous than the previous one as they work their way through all 12 levels. Players will be rewarded with gear, superior to that found at the high-end dungeons, either through mob drops or from a combat-based point system.

Points will be updated in real-time after each wave and will reward players with their individual contribution during their assault on the mobs.

cabal2 waves F2P8 cabal2 waves F2P7 cabal2 waves F2P6 cabal2 waves F2P5 cabal2 waves F2P4 cabal2 waves F2P3 cabal2 waves F2P2 cabal2 waves F2P1

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Source: ESTSoft Press Release.

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