Reality Squared Games has released an article that explains why Crystal Saga is so popular

Reality Squared Games has released an article that explains why Crystal Saga is so popular

Reality Squared Games, which just has opened the thirty-second server for Crystal Saga, explains what its needed to develop a successful MMORPG browser.

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It takes a good company to create a game that players online can try out and play. It takes even even greater company who is willing to dedicated and commit themselves to a passion that binds them together to manage an MMO that will last for years and years. Reality Squared Games, developer and publisher of Crystal Saga, has managed to open up 32 servers in their leading browser-based MMORPG since launching into open beta last September 2011. That's quite an impressive achievement considering how other browser-based MMORPGs are doing in the market. Crystal Saga is already following in the footsteps of the world's #1 leading browser-based MMORPG, RuneScape, developed and published by Jagex. The difference? Runescape has been out since 2001 and has double the servers Crystal Saga has as well as more in-game features. However, going from 1 server to 32 servers in less than 6 months puts Crystal Saga on a good path to follow Runescape's accomplishments.

There are many browser-based MMOs out there. Crystal Saga was and still is a leading and, if not, one of the best ranking RPG MMOs in the browser-based category. With 2 million registered users and an active userbase that is growing on weekly basis, Reality Squared beings out a game that answers a common question asked by most gamers: "what MMORPG can I play that has an active community?" Reality Squared Games focuses on promoting various in-game and forum activities as well as fixing bugs and doing content updates on a weekly basis. Many users would ask the following question: "why would I want to play a browser MMO when I can play a client that has better graphics?" This has been a question most game publishers and developers have been trying to answer in the past decade. A lot of times, the common answer is that browser games are constantly pushing the boundaries and breaking the limits on what browser games can do in comparison to client games. Browser MMOs have the advantage of less lag and taking up less computer resources. For those who don't have a decent computer, they can play browser MMOs. It's also easier for those who have to-notch gaming computers because you don't have to alt+tab to go from the game to your regular window programs.

Modern technology has allowed programmers to develop, implement, and manage better ways to create games that will serve gamers more efficiently. While client-based games still serve as a favorite option for most gamers, browser-based gaming is paving its way to the top. Some Browser MMOs have even made it so that you can barely tell the difference between a client MMO and a browser MMO by adding a full screen option, which will allow gamers to play a game in full screen, a feature that makes most client MMOs stand out. Many browser-based games are being put into the gaming market including Monster MMORPG (very similar to Pokemon), Spiral Knights, and Pirate Galaxy. However, when it comes to straightforward, all out RPG, Crystal Saga leads the way in focusing on graphics and gameplay that pulls 3D gaming into a browser.

Crystal Saga focuses on anime-based graphics while trying to implement modernized 3D visual design and gameplay into the game. Players, nowadays, are familiar with MMO games that use anime-based visual designs so Crystal Saga focuses on what players are most familiar with. How does an MMO like Crystal Saga stand out? It's easy. Weekly updates, which involves bug fixes, activities, and continuous additional content, as well as buzz on their social media sites. Reality Squared Games strongly enforces against spammers and bots and has recently implemented an anti-spammer system into Crystal Saga. You will never find spammers or bots in the game. For those who find a spammer or bot are encouraged to send a report to Reality Squared games either directly or on the forums. One of Crystal Saga's greatest features is an auto-attack bot card. Most gamers would accuse this feature as being a bot. Technically, it is a bot, however, it does not abide by what most illegal bots do. The auto-attack bot is a bot card, which can be purchased for a very low price in the in-game cash shop, that will allow a player to go away from their keyboard and their character will auto attack any monsters that are nearby without the user having to pay attention to the game. This has its own risks. If the user is not watching the game closely, their character in the game might die. However, it's still a feature in the game that is used by many players.

Crystal Saga continues to succeed as a browser-based MMORPG and as time flies by, it can be guaranteed that more is still to come as Crystal Saga paves its way to success in the years to come.

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