Open Beta time for Zombies Monsters Robots


The crazy third-person carnage of Zombies Monsters Robots (known as Hazard Ops in Europe) is now open to all North American players, coming with six new maps and a unique pvp mode. Last week we published a review, so check it out.

The open beta introduces a unique PvP mode, "Mercs vs. Monsters," that allows players to become one of over 20 enemy classes and also upgrade their abilities throughout the match.

"Zombies Monsters Robots is the ultimate playground for carnage, camaraderie, and crazy action," said producer, Matt Denomme, of En Masse Entertainment. "So grab a few friends, hop into the Open Beta, and get ready to expect the unexpected."

Along with the announcement, some new screenshots and a new trailer has been released. Watch it here:


ZMR_The_pit ZMR_MvM11 ZMR_MvM10 ZMR_MvM05

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