Zombies Monsters Robots


GENRE: Free to play Shooter MMO
DEVELOPER: Yingpei Games


Zombies Monsters Robots is a free to play action shooter where players must face off against waves of enemies in a survival-based arcade action MMO with dynamic actions and destructible environments players must work together in teams to strategy and tactics and hold back the hordes of zombies, monsters and robots. Developed using the Unreal Engine3 the game is the spiritual successor to the Asia released iOS shooter Mercenary Ops, the game offers both intensive PVE content and PVP gameplay.


-  Exciting action arcade shooter
-  60+ maps taking you to various locations
-  A variety of different monsters including unique boss encounters
-  Action packed PVP modes
-  Fully customisable gear and weapons
-  Free to play


Up to 8 players are able to work together in team based strategy fighting across a variety of game modes which includes a campaign story mode and wave-based survival mode. As players progress through a level earning points they will unlock new areas and more threats that they must fight off, using their tactics, environment and dynamic actions where they can dodge, take cover, fire blindly and must actively time their weapon reload or be punished for an ill-timed attempt. Players can fight through different difficulty settings from Normal and easier difficulties facing waves of monsters to the Advanced difficulty where they will have to fight bosses with unpredictable and unique cinematic attacks and abilities.

Players are able to use the environment in unique ways such as setting off traps that will kill their enemies, boarding up windows and doors to keep enemies at bay in an area and more. Some mobs and bosses will also take advantage of these destructible environments such as one of the boss fights where the hulking boss with huge chain whips attached to each arm fires them out to grab onto adjacent walls at each end of the room and collapse them in!

Turrets can also be deployed to add further strategic advantage, using them to fire unlimited ammo rounds at a distance whilst acting as an ammo recharged point for the rest of the team or even as a healing station.


The inventor of portal technology has accidentally opened up a cross dimensional portal and released creatures into a whole world which mankind must now defend themselves against as hordes of undead zombies, mythical monsters and futuristic robots appear in waves causing chaos.


With over 60 maps available players will be able to explore a variety of different settings and locales, from ancient Egypt, abandoned jungle ruins, brutal and grim prisons and more futuristic settings each of which will hold completely different enemy opponents. Given the title players will come up against all different types of enemies including hulking monstrosities carrying huge clubs, zombie dogs with explosives strapped to their backs, fearsome Pharaohs and more.

As players progress through a map they will unlock new entry points that allow waves of mobs to pouring from new areas, further increasing the difficulty of the level as you progress through it and each unlock unleashing new types of enemy to keep things exciting and fresh.

The devs plan to roll out free content updates regularly and the “Dino Island” DLC is only planned which will include a map filled with dinosaurs that inconveniently have guns strapped to their backs!


By playing through the content you can earn points and level up to unlock various items of gear and customise your weapons and items to better suit your play style as there are no classes within the game. Each item and weapon peace can be customised with up to 8 different accessories and players can also earn a variety of perks that can be used to boost their own abilities.


Whilst the primary core of the game is PvE focused players will also be able to play some action packed 16 player head-to-head PVP content through various maps and modes where players divide themselves amongst a team of monsters versus humans.


the game will be completely free to play however players of the option of purchasing items and weapons with in-game currency. This currency can either be earned through playing the game purchased with real-world money.


Currently Unknown


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