First Look at Zombies Monsters Robots with Commentary


In Zombies Monsters Robots players step into the shoes of a team of hardened mercenaries for some non-stop zombie killing, robots smashing, beast squashing action. This the game revolves around both extensive PVP and PVE game modes, either competitive against other players or cooperative where players can follow an ongoing story arc through PVE. Players can customise their own characters, including their equipped gear and weapons loadouts by simply playing the game and acquiring currency to spend in the game shop as the game is completely free to play.

If you wish, you can read our recently published review here.

We got the time to check out for the game had to offer whilst it was still in its closed beta, playing through almost a full campaign mission with another random player in challenging PVE and then getting our PVP fix in some quick free for all elimination and then some team based death match action. Check out the video to see how we got on!


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