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Nostale Giveaway on F2P
Nostale Free Giveaway and Gameforge have partnered to offer this Free code Giveaway for NosTale, The Agler Specialist Card for NosTale value more than 4€.

Each user will win these items:

Name Amount
• Teddy Bear Costume (Permanent) 1
• Teddy Bear Hat (Permanent) 1
• Cute Bunny 1
• Huge Recovery Potion 100
• Experience Potion 30

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New: The Angler Specialist Card

Are you in need of a little downtime away from the sometimes rather hectic NosTale action, but you’re still looking for a little challenge? How about some fishing? Our new **Angler Specialist Card** offers you just that:

Relax by the water and reel in a nice fat fish. Discover all there is to know about your catches to date in the Encyclopaedia of Fish and keep on getting better.

All Fish Great and Small

All sorts of fish in various sizes await you in the waters of NosTale. You can catch a total of 77 fish, some of which are only to be found in certain areas. Fish that you’ve caught will be entered into your Encyclopaedia of Fish. This is where you’ll find an overview of all the fish and the areas in which you’ll find them.

Once you’ve completed your collection, you’ll be the proud owner of a new title: ‘Champion Angler’.

Angler’s A to Z

With our Angler’s A to Z, your next catch is already in the bag:

1. You’ll receive the new Angler Specialist Card via a quest given by Fisherman Wade, whom you’ll find in NosVille.
2. In order to start fishing, you’ll need consumables from Fisherman Wade’s Fishing Tackle Shop.
3. You’ll then need to equip your new specialist card and get the fish to bite using your skills.
4. All that remains now is to be patient. As soon as the fish has bitten, try to lift it out of the water. You’ll need to time it just right or the fish will slip through your fingers.

Cast Your Line

A NosTale angler has a good command of the following skills:

Basic Attack**: You attack monsters with your fishing rod.
Cast Line**: You cast your line with bait.
Reel In**: You try to pull the fish out of the water.
Bait Fishing**: You use reusable bait.
Teleport to Fishing Spot**: Fast-travel for anglers.
Covert Fishing**: You and your NosMates remain undetected.
What a Whopper!**: A real angler shows just how proud they are of their catch.
Got a Bite**: You draw your opponent towards you.
Fish-Fish Dance**: You ask the Fish Loa for his blessing.
Maintain Fishing Line**: Mends and reinforces your line.
Cast Line (Pro)**: Increases the chances of catching a fish.

Got a Bite!

What you need to know about fishing in NosTale:

If you want licence to whip out your fishing rod out in each of the 22 areas, you’ll need to level up your specialist card – and that, as you’ve already guessed, is achieved by fishing!

The bigger the fish you catch, the more experience you’ll gain. Your level increases accordingly, up to a maximum of level 50.

You can also look forward to more challenges in the realm of fishing sports: Fisherman Wade will have new fishing quests ready for you every day once you’ve finished the main quest.

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