New public beta weekend for Firefall

Red5 announced today a new beta weekend for Firefall on Feb. 22. The latest update included Red 5’s final Founders Reward – a Custom Thumper – as well as integrated Twitch broadcasting – allowing everyone to stream their Beta Weekend experience with the click of a button.

With this new beta weekend, Red5 is also launching a new contest on vertical combat:

- Mid-Air Video Contest: Submit amazing aerial gameplay footage for a chance to win exclusive hardware and accessories like Video cards, headsets and a limited edition 
Firefall Brontodon plushie.
- Community Unlock: All players who join the weekend stress-test will unlock a custom “mid-air” decal.
- Mid-Air Screen Contest: The top 10 mid-air screenshots will be featured on the official Firefall Facebook page.

Source of informations: Red5 press release.

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