Genre: Free to play MMO Shooter

Platform: Windows

Developed By: Red 5 Studio



set on an earth of the future where a cosmic rip has unleashed an alien entity into our space humanity must rally together, forming their own private armies and gathering powerful resource is needed to create weapons, vehicles and battleframes; specialised in nano tech suits that bestow their users with different abilities and access to futuristic weapons and gear.

The game is completely free to play where players can fight in PVP either so low with groups as well as taking each other on in PVP arenas.

Main Features

-          The biggest Co-op shooter MMO environment ever created, explore vast world and discover secrets

-          Build up your army with friends and then work with each other for resource gathering, weapon crafting and battling against the alien invaders; the Chosen

-          With the use of jet packs players open up a unique combat, travel and exploration feature

-          Quickly switch roles, from tank to healer and more, by switching out your battleframes

-          With no levels players can spend their XP in their preferred skill trees

-          Based off a player’s preferences as well as events happening in the world, dynamic missions bring a new level of realism to this MMO

-          An in-depth crafting system starting with resource gathering and leading to fully customise battleframes

-          Compete across various PVP maps designed for fast-paced esports

-          Dynamic AI means the Chosen attack strategic locations across the map and try to destroy inhabiting players

-          Open world player versus player combat allows battles between thousands of players simultaneously

-          Intends to be episodic, Firefall’s story driven and world continue to tell the campaign story arc


Dynamic War

Either fight for mankind or sit back and watch as the Chosen systematically try to take over areas and regions and slowly consume the world. Through cross-server events you can discover new areas with every campaign in an attempt to fight off the Melding.


With open world PVP combined with the ability of jet pack flight, the world maps have been designed with this vertical axis in mind, from mountain ledges to deep valleys your enemy can come from any direction.

No levels

Firefall all is completely tear focused, focusing on a horizontal progression where every tear is made up of its own tech tree for battle framed customisation, which can be unlocked through allocating XP into it. Players can have numerous battle frames stowed away in their garage, customised for specific PVP objectives and PVP play.


As well as the practical customisation of battle frame, enhancing its abilities and accessories, players can also invest time in the cosmetic look of their battle frames, the warpaint feature lets players paint battle frames with various colour schemes, patterns, decals and more to create a multitude of different combinations.


With its advanced spectator mode players can enjoy replays of their favourite PVP matches, and for those who prefer to do more than watch and like to stream and Shoutcast there are a number of broadcasting tools available to them.

Free to play

Fife or is completely f2p, with all of its main features accessible without having to pay a penny. The game offers a number of convenience items, timesavers as well as cosmetic and utility items within the premium store, but there is nothing that will create imbalance that those who choose to play for free.

 System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP
CPU: Dual Core 2.6 (AMD) or Dual Core 2.2 Ghz (Intel)
Graphics: 1GB RAM, Nvidia or AMD, compatible with DirectX 9
RAM: 4 GB or more

CPU: Quad Core 2.8 Ghz  (AMD) or Quad Core 2.4 Ghz (Intel)
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 or AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4850
RAM: 4 GB or more


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