New Expansion for ArcheAge on December 10: Revelation

ArcheAge AAA MMORPG Game
New Expansion for ArcheAge on December 10: Revelation


ArcheAge will be getting a new expansion on December 10: Revelation. It will be the biggest expansion, and it will introduce two new playable races, five new regions, new housing areas, new skills, new combat mechanics, new gear, new mounts, new items, new pets and two new servers. Watch the teaser trailer below.

Revelation introduces the Dwarves and the Warborn as new playable races. These two races can transform into powerful creatures to empower themselves with new and special abilities.

With the expansion new servers will be launched, so veteran and novice players can start on equal footing. The North America region will get the "Reckoning" server, and the European region will get the "Prophecy" server.

Revelation also brings a new experience system. Once players reach max level on one of their character's skill trees, new abyssal skills will be unlockable through a series of quests.

Additionally, the family system will be improved, giving more structure to small group play. Players will be able to create "mini-guilds", which provide especial benefits.

Watch the teaser trailer:

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