A New Character Arrives to Vindictus


A brand-new character, both beautiful and deadly, arrives to Vindictus. Her name is Arisha, wields a magical sword, and is able to manipulate time. With her arrival, an extra character slot will be allocated to all Vindictus players.

Arisha is one of the fastest, most furious and fun characters we’ve ever created for Vindictus players” said Anett Jaschke, Community Manager at Nexon Europe. “Distorting time and tearing up the battlefield with the Spellsword is an incredibly empowering experience.

Equipped with a magical blade, the Spellsword, she can launch fierce, speed of light attacks at opponents, freezing time around them to deal lethal damage. While her Focus, the magically imbued glove she wears on her right hand, allows her to channel magical energy into razor sharp crystals, which she can fire at enemies.

Special events will be taking place throughout this month:

Arisha Fighting Box Event: 10th December 2014 – 14th January 2015
Players who reach levels 15, 30, 45, and 60 can open up the Arisha Fighting Box and claim valuable potions, coupons, runes, equipment, and even a title.

Arisha Level Up Event: 10th December 2014 – 7th January 2015
Dedicated players that get Arisha to level 85 during this event will receive a special title.

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