Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons New Trailer


Tyranny of Dragons is almost here. Neverwinter will gets its next expansion on August 14, and today we have for you some new screenshots a brand-new gameplay trailer that features all that's coming to the game.


NW_Screenshot_ToD_PWT_080114_jpeg32_wm NW_Screenshot_ToD_PWT_080114_jpeg10_wm NW_Screenshot_ToD_PWT_080114_jpeg9_wm NW_Screenshot_ToD_PWT_080114_jpeg6_wm

This new video guides us through the mechanics and abilities of the new Scourge Warlock class, the new dragonborn player race, the invasion of Faerûn by dragons and the heroic dragon encounters, the new skirmish and the dungeon.

Watch it right here:


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