Neverwinter Playthrough series episodes 7, 8 and 9


Our Trickster Rogue continues her way through Neverwinter. In these three new episodes we will show you the different available professions, a Foundry Quest -developed by a player named Winin-, the first skirmish, PvE questing hunting orcs and some PvP action.

Episode #7: Level 10 to level 11. Professions and first Foundry Quest: 'A kidnapping in Blacklake', by Winin.

Episode #8: Level 11 to level 12. Tower district, hunting orcs at Waukeen Way, Black Terror skirmish, Auction Broker.

Episode #9: Level 12 to level 13. PvP,  Hotenow domination, Pedlars Path, Merchant Square, Neverwinter guard post, Merchant square sewers, defeating Karr Nevrim.


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