Marvel Heroes releases the Game Update 1.5


Gazillion has launched today a new big update for its free-to-play Diablo-style Hack & Slash, Marvel Heroes. With the update 1.3 the game is getting new content and feature such as a new Hero, the Hero Synergy System, Prestige Mode, Legendary Quests and much more:

As first thing, Luke Cage is making his debut in the game whith his  super strength, unbreakable skin, and other new unique abilities. The Hero Synergy System allows you to unlock some account-wide bonuses wich can be equipped on any of your heroes and that let you further customize your characters' playstyle. The Prestige Mode lets you restart your maxed character from level 1 with a new color used in your name so that everyone will know about your prestige status. Moreover, the Legendary Quests will make you help Odin himself, rewarding you with the best experience in the game and with the chance to craft Legendary Blessings for your artifact and more.

Source of information: Gazillion press release.

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