What Do We Love About… Marvel Heroes 2015?


Fans of the Marvel franchise were pretty excited when Marvel Heroes 2015 came out, a Diablo style action RPG with some of your favourite Marvel characters had us personally salivating at the thought. Sitting down very early on with CEO and President David Brevik (also creator of Diablo) and talking about seeing a similar type of game in the Marvel world was music to our ears. The game has been going strong, rebranded and revamped every year to signify the constant progression and changes being made, there’s a lot that we love, but here’s some of the stuff we REALLY love.


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The Characters
There’s an amazing selection to choose from. Now whilst many of the characters have been inspired by the more recent spate of popular movies, we have to say that all in all it’s a pretty awesome list that ticks the boxes with a lot of the greats. Obviously we were always going to see Spider-man, Ironman, Hulk, Captain America and the “big guys”, but getting some less than expect characters such as Black Panther being among the original roster, the addition of Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Deadpool and others, those that haven’t had big films or TV shows revolving around them but are obvious crowd favourites. Introducing a bad guys, or at least those that are simply “misunderstood” and have shown times where they’ve been on the good guys side (Juggernaut, Magneto, Loki) only further adds to the fact that the devs know their audience and still keep churning out characters leaving us always asking “Who will be next?”.

The Characters Pt 2.
Characters all feel different. Given that there’s so many on the character roster it is amazing how Gazillion have managed to make them all feel unique and special in their own way. Whilst there will always be favourites for different people, and some characters are very similar, each has their own identity and trademark that will appeal to players for different reason, either playing a character due to certain abilities, certain “class” types (ranged/melee, etc.) or simply because they want to play that character regardless of whether they are garbage mechanically. Given the diversity players can also have with the same character, tweaking them in ways that benefit their preferred playstyle, is also a major boon to the game.

The Team-Ups
Who doesn’t love a sidekick? Whilst the idea of companion characters isn’t exactly something completely new, we do love the lengths that Marvel Heroes has gone to in allowing us to earn/buy/choose the Team Up heroes we want to fight alongside and the levels of customization. Not only do your Team Ups level up to become generally stronger, they gain new abilities and have their own equipment so that you can customize them to help you in whichever way you want; support, extra DPS, defense focused. It’s a nifty little feature that really helps those of us who don’t always have friends at the ready to play with and loathe the gamble you take with a pick up group as to whether you get a decent player or just wishing you had some AI to help you out.

Action Combat
The combat is fast paced, explosive and exciting. As we mentioned in our intro, as gets mentioned a lot, as the man himself always seems to bring up (nothing wrong with being proud) David Brevik was one of the primary figures behind the creation of Diablo and it’s pretty easy to make the comparisons with old Diablo and Marvel Heroes 2015. Having full control of your characters, using skill, timing and positioning to get the most out of your attacks whether going solo or with a team, when in the thick of combat things can get pretty intense and we for one love it, whether picking up cars as Hulk and throwing them at minions or absolutely wrecking an office work place as you smash everything in sight taking out gang members, the entire experience feels like you’re part of a superhero movie.


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These are some of the things that we love about Marvel Heroes 2015, but what do you think? What do you love about this game? Would you add anything else to the list? We await your opinions! Let us know!!!!!


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