Magneto Arrives to Marvel Heroes 2015


Magneto becomes the second playable villain in Marvel Heroes 2015. The Master of Magnetism is now available for players to unlock via Eternity Splinters (earned through gameplay progression) or to purchase him. As you could expect, he is able to wield the power of electromagnetism to levitate and crush enemies with his Ultimate power.

James Arnold Taylor, best known for his voice-acting roles as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars animated series and Tidus from Final Fantasy X, brings to life the super villain.


SCREENSHOTS_Magneto_12214_001 SCREENSHOTS_Magneto_12214_004 SCREENSHOTS_Magneto_12214_005 SCREENSHOTS_Magneto_12214_006

Magneto feels amazing and has some of the most intense VFXs in the game,” said Ryan Collins, Creative Designer and Community Manager of Gazillion. “Players will see debris float around him and build up as he defeats enemies and destroys environmental objects. In turn, debris becomes a secondary resource that Magneto can use on a variety of powers, including a toggle that automatically fires shrapnel at the nearest enemy. My favorite part to use is Magneto’s Ultimate where he crushes his enemies with three Sentinels and creates a whirlwind of destruction from their parts.

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