Halloween in World of Tanks

Halloween in World of Tanks
Halloween in World of Tanks

The Eerie Mirny Calls Players Back This Halloween in World of Tanks

There’s a mystery to be unraveled at the heart of this lifeless town…

The spooky season is here and a new operation, codenamed Hope, will have World of Tanks players returning to brave the harsh and unsettling conditions of Mirny from October 28th. A mysterious story lies at the centre of this once-bustling town, and it’s up to players to find out exactly what is happening and, more importantly, why.

Mirny was once a populated oil-producing industrial town. But one day that all changed. A major incident occurred that seemed to be almost supernatural, a state of emergency was declared and a mass evacuation was ordered. This once-booming town, full of promise, became desolate. Some brave scouts were ordered to venture into Mirny to find out its secrets, few returned…

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Now, Recon Squads of up to 5 tankers are being created to go in search of answers to the question: “What really happened in Mirny?” Those who are eager to find out the truth will need to take on AI-controlled vehicles, unlike anything seen on the regular World of Tanks battlefield. The battle is made up of three phases if playing on the lowest difficulty setting, and four if on medium or the hardest level. A monstrous and formidable foe, the Immortal, awaits those rising to the challenge of the higher difficulties and make it to the fourth phase. Defeating this behemoth will take all players’ might and skill, but the rewards will definitely be worth it.

The backstory of how this once invincible beast became vulnerable will feature on this event’s collectables: Reels. There are eight to be found, each containing some important background information on the Immortal. However, these items have been encrypted and players will need special keys to decipher them, which can be earned throughout the event, as well as claimed through the Creepin’ It Real Prime Gaming drop. The bravest and unshakable commanders who decode all eight reels and understand this enigmatic locale will be awarded the King Tiger (Captured), a Tier VII Premium American heavy tank, as well as a unique and exclusive Mirny-inspired 3D style, Nox Tenebris.

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Players will be able to brave Mirny once again until November 11th. For more information about the event, visit World of Tanks.

And for mobile tank battle fans, World of Tanks Blitz (World of Tanks Blitz is the Mobile version of World of Tanks for Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X) has prepared a Halloween-themed event that will run until November 4th. In this event, tankers must-win battles or earn Mastery Badges in Tier IV-X vehicles to get Magfilms, this event’s special commodity. These can then be used to unlock levels that will bring great rewards, such as the incredible new Tier V Titan Mk. I and Tier VII Titan H-N tanks (which features experimental armour!), thematic camos, containers with resources and much more. For more information.

The trailer for World of Tanks Blitz Halloween:

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