Halloween in GoodGame Empire

Halloween in GoodGame Empire
Halloween in GoodGame Empire

Goodgame Studios the Halloween event from today to November 5th for Goodgame Empire.

Halloween event Soul Collector;

The Soul collector event will start by October 22th and last until November 5th. Players can participate at the event from level 10 on on Goodgame Empire.

The players are able to collect unique rewards during this event.

  • At the start of the event players will receive a certain amount of a new currency called “souls”

  • When players attack others they can steal souls from the other player

  • The amount of souls at the end of the event will be calculated and translated into rewards

  • At the event end players can spend rubies (in-game currency) to buy the rewards that they didn't manage to collect during the event

  • With specific skins and boosters player can steal more souls from the other players

  • Souls will be deleted after the event ends

  • The event is skinnable and can be used for other festival days

Halloween Event Nail-biter event on GoodGame Empire;

  • Halloween themed long-term event collaborating with other major in-game events

  • Players can participate from level 50 on and receive points during LTPE runtime

  • The event will grant powerful rewards based on the players points and ranking

  • The LTPE event will be available from October 8 to November 2

Halloween Free Gift on Goodgame Empire;

  • Available from October 8 until November 2

  • Active from level 6 onwards for new and existing players

  • Claimable 24 hours after login during the aforementioned timeframe

Halloween Offers Sale Days on Goodgame Empire;

  • Runtime: October 22 - November 1

  • Offering amazing Halloween themed content

  • Up to 300% bonus content for all users

  • Premium Currency, Decorations, Building Upgrades, Vanity Items and Units & Tools.

Source: Googgame Studios - Goodgame Empire

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