Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire Free2Play Cross-Platform MMORTS

Goodgame Empire (known as Empire: Four Kingdoms on Android and iOS) is a free to play Castle management war strategy MMO that can be played directly in your Internet browser with a quick and easy signup process. Players start as the ruler of their own small Castle and with a little help from some notable characters will earn resources, construct buildings, raise an army and expand their borders to conquer evil Robber Barons and even players. Complete a variety of quests and challenges to earn XP and level up unlock new buildings and features within the game.

Key Features

  • Build up your own Castle

  • Construct new buildings and upgrade old ones

  • Earn XP and level up to unlock new features

  • Build up your own army

  • Complete quests and challenges for rewards

  • Attack enemy castles and defend your own

  • Free to play

  • Playable in browser without any client download necessary

Resource Gathering

Throughout the game players will have two produce and earn different types of resources to keep their fledgling Empire growing:

  • Building Materials - resources such as wood and brick are necessary in the construction of the various buildings that you can construct within your Castle grounds. These can be earned through specialised production buildings that will yield this resource over time

  • Populous - to keep your city running you will need to build dwellings to accommodate your growing population that will put your buildings to work. By increasing your populous players are able to earn a second area resource: coins.

  • Coins - city living doesn’t come easy, nor cheap, and as the Lord and ruler you are able to tax your people to bring gain coins, which are typically spent on purchasing recruits into your growing army.

  • Food - whilst recruits require gold to join your army, there will require food to stay and so ruler always ensures the fruits of their harvest is bountiful and enough to feed the mouths of their troops

Building construction

Each Castle that you will is made up of its own land area, identified by a grid that allows you to build upon it, each building taking up a certain amount of space. Buildings range from barracks to recruit your armour, dwellings to boost your populous, to the construction of tower defences. As well as building a new building players are also able to upgrade the existing one into a new and improved version.

Building takes not only resources but also time, meaning that your defences, buildings and troops don’t appear automatically, however by spending rubies you can instantly complete production on some items or increase the speed dramatically of the time it will take them to finish.

Levelling up

Through completing various tasks and challenges given to you by the various NPC’s in the game in the form of quests, which guides you through your first steps into the game, will be rewarded with resources and XP. XP will increase your level, in doing so you will earn rubies as well as unlocking new buildings, units and features within the game.


Quests continuously appear on your screen, prompting you to construct certain buildings, units or invade nearby robber baron castles. In doing so you will be rewarded and the games storyline will also push forward and you uncover more about the land in which you live. Outside your Castle walls there are a number of NPC’s that offer daily challenges that operate outside the scope of general story progression, such as attaining level 10 within an allotted time to earn massive amounts of rewards.

Premium Currency

The game is free to play however players can choose to purchase rubies, which is the games premium currency, and is used particularly to rush the production of buildings and units. In the early stages the Ruby requirement is minimal, but as the game progresses players will require to spend more rubies to use this function. However away from purchasing rubies players can still earn them in the game by levelling up and completing challenges.

Genre: Free to play War Strategy MMO

Platform: Internet Browser, iOS and Android devices

Developer: Goodgame Studios

System Requirement

Internet browser, iOS and Android devices


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