Goodgame Empire review

Goodgame Empire review
6 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay: 6/10
Sound: 6/10

For a flash based game it achieves what it sets out to do; colourful, simple but elegant it has a nice style to the graphics and easy to pick up gameplay

Doesn't exactly break the mold and is yet another rather uninspiring castle building strategy game like so many more on the market

Goodgame Empire review


This in our adventure into Goodgame Empire from Goodgame Studios, the Flash-based browser MMO where players must build up their own castles, complete quests, earn resources and then train up their own army to expand their territory conquering AI and rival players’ castles. From the outset the game was strikingly easy to pick up, even from logging into the web page you are taken directly into the game itself and then walked through the tutorial quests that will help give you the basic knowledge needed to play the game.

Goodgame Empire screenshot (13)Goodgame Empire screenshot (10)

As a player we were guided through the game by various NPC’s, each of which acting as advisors for the different features that we were required to master in order to progress. In reality the game is pretty simple and caters towards the casual market, so the advisors whilst unnecessary due to the really simplistic gameplay were no less welcomed and added a nice touch to the story element of the game. That said, was the game itself is easy to pick up it does seem to be ram packed with features, many of which are locked at later levels giving constant milestones to work towards.

The game starts relatively slowly and as we show in the video for the first five levels, which took around 30 minutes to burn through, were nothing more than a stream of quests getting is to place down different buildings and explaining their uses. Whilst it wasn’t the most interesting experience at this point the foundations for playing the game were set and we had at least had a taster of some of the earlier features and how to use them. Constructing resource gathering buildings, dwellings to increase your populous, decorative elements to keep the populace happy after your tax them of their coin, expanding your borders and raising the beginnings of your army.

Goodgame Empire screenshot (5)Goodgame Empire screenshot (3)

The user interface and graphics are extremely clean and easy to navigate around, the game doesn’t pretend to be some cutting edge MMO, instead it simply focuses on doing a good job of delivering exactly the kind of experience players would hope to get from this kind of game.

As we got a few more levels under our belt we were able to train up some troops to attack a nearby AI robber baron castle, and easy enough task that yielded some extra XP and resources for our efforts. Attacking other players is a possibility from the outset, however you will lose your new player “unattackable” status in doing so, then chances are you won’t have good enough defences to hold back any one who sees you as overly aggressive. Another way to stop new players terrorising veterans is the troop requirement to attack castles, the bigger the Castle, the higher the level of player the more troops that are needed as a prerequisite to launching an attack, without meeting this number of troops we found that attacking just simply impossible. Yes, at level 5 we try to attack a level 20 player.

Goodgame Empire screenshot (1)

At level 5, and the end of our video we managed to unlock a host of new features such as new quests, lootable treasure chests and a variety of other systems that do their best to keep players engaged and returning to the game to claim regular rewards. In comparison to some of the other games of this genre we have to say the by the looks of it Goodgame Empire loot to be a pretty complete title and is definitely something to consider if looking for a casual yet competitive style strategy MMO.

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8 Comments - "Goodgame Empire review"

  1. Pizzedoff February 28, 2014 at 9:05 PM -

    This is NOT Free to play!
    Don’t fall for it like i did. Its starts off fun, but quickly turns dark and forces you to spend real money on Pixels! Its laggy and crashes a bit. The forums are a joke. All the mods tell you is to buy more “Rubies” to defend yourself against the groups of high-level people that rape your castle daily. RUN AWAY!

  2. Johaninos March 22, 2014 at 10:48 AM -
  3. notworthit August 4, 2014 at 2:27 AM -

    Not worth it, it starts off easy and fun, but long time players and the rules are against you. Also there are unwritten rules that are set in place by long time and high level players to protect their assets. If you want to go against it and play it according to how it should be played, those high level players who are all about protecting themselves, will pound you until whatever you’ve built up is gone. It also allows high level players to group themselves together, to wipe out new or up and coming players. If you ask for assists, they just cite that they can’t do anything about the politics of the game.

  4. arthur August 13, 2014 at 7:58 PM -

    well in starting ur gonna love dis game .. as u reach higher level things get to be very slow n shitty unless ur going to buy rubies ur not getting anywhere but fucked by higher level players ..if u want to be high in d ranking ..d game at d higher levels is very competitive n defending ur castle becomes a pain in d ass if ur not buying rubies n coins ..coz d only resources d soldiers r required for building are coins which u only get through tax collection in d game which is not enough dis particular stage d player is already hooked to d game n is forced to buy unless u want to leave n doesn’t mind many hours wasted on dis game go away .. so moral of d story is stay away from dis stupid game unless u hv lots of money n for refreshing ur mind der are tons of other games better dan dis shit are available to play so enjoy dem instead wasting ur tym n goodgame studios can kiss my ass ..i was a very high level player n hv left d game ur moderators in ur so called game forum doesnt help or reply to ur queries n problems at all ..der advice is buy rubies

  5. Undeadwarrior88 September 19, 2014 at 12:40 AM -

    if you are getting pounded by high ranked players just move your castle to a different area

  6. Sneaker March 21, 2015 at 8:54 AM -

    Absolutely terrible! This game is full of bugs, has severe lags disrupting game play several times every day, and drops your connection out of nowhere.
    Customer service is extremely poor. Their staff is rude to the customers accusing them of lying and attempting to cheat the system when they ask for things lost due to lags and bugs. There is no support on weekends, there have been several people who haven’t gotten responses at all to tickets, and it averages a week to get a response. Even then, most often the expect proof they know we can not come up with. We do not screenshot our every move!

    There is a HUGE gab between the paying customers and the average player. Paying customers can buy advantages that are impossible for the average person to defend against.

    Players are leaving in droves. Do not waste your time on this one. You will be sorry and wanting your time back.

    0/10 for GGE Empire

  7. UnknownToPublic April 27, 2015 at 8:14 AM -

    At the start of the game,it was really fun and fair
    But as long as you keep playing it becomes harder,the time waiting is ridiculous,and they shoving every minute offers to buy RUBIES in my face.
    RUBY ruby ruby ruby everywhere.
    Today I am lv 27,It took me a month or more because you know,I’m not paying for rubies.
    I mean,I can,but just because it gives too many advantages to pay to win players,and it shoving me every second their offers I decided to not.
    This is the biggest game I saw that gives the most advantages to pay to win players.
    Today I got gangraped by an entire alliance,of ruby buyers,all of them over level 35,while I’m fair.
    Basically,you can’t survive without rubies,now I can’t even repair my castle which will take me 1 day to do it,because I need to 19 hours to upgrade my barracks,and my entire castle is burning.
    (Of course I can repair it instantly but don’t forget-RUBIES)
    Oh and top for beginners,don’t get too exited about dem treasure chests,only 2 appear and then you need to pay for it.
    I give 1/10 to this game

  8. Manuel Madrigal June 7, 2016 at 4:01 AM -

    i like this game this game enspires me with castles and i can conquer my enemy’s i still play this game i’m at level 22 and my name is BraveMadrigalma and this castle is great often enough at least my parents can’t afford me rubies so i had to earn them by my advantages in the game of course i have a little brother who plays this game and he is BraveAngelma and oi think this game interested me because i think to know how to conquer my enemys and rule outposts

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