Halloween in AION

Halloween in AION
Halloween in AION

Gameforge — the leading publisher of popular free-to-play multiplayer online games including AION, Metin2, and Swords of Legends Online — prepared a haunting ghoul-d time for the spookiest month of the year! We’ve got NosTale and OGame celebrating major anniversaries with big events, AION, Metin2, and SOLO in the holiday spirit, and I See Red preparing to drape a vermillion cloak across PC screens. There are no tricks here, so enjoy all of Gameforge’s treats!

Celebrate a Spookily Super Halloween in AION:

AION got a head start on Halloween this year, and it’s been getting in the spirit throughout October. Until November 2, you can get five Candy Bombs every 30 minutes to blow up the Pumpkin Kings appearing in places like Lower Udas Temple, Heart of Aphsaranta, and Stella Development Laboratory. If you take them out, you’ll get a Pumpkin’s King Bundle and Magic Pumpkin for dealing with those intruders haunting those spots. People can take those Magic Pumpkins to Esta and Isuta in return for rewards. Not to mention Kabe will give you two [Rune] Basket of Transformation Candy: Halloween if you help him out.

Speaking of pumpkins, the ones in Greenhaven Garden are in danger! Until November 2, the Dukaki Thief and Greenhaven Tenaklu are wreaking havoc on AION’s plants, and it is up to you to protect them so you can harvest pumpkins for Screamer. It’s worth protecting that produce, because Screamer has Locked Selection Boxes of Halloween Transformation Contracts and [Event] Halloween Pumpkin Weapon Selection Boxes waiting for you.

If you’re confident in your luck and ready to risk it all, you can take part in the Black Cloud Merchants’ Shugo Game. Until November 2, you can take Shugo Game Tokens to upgrade weapons in the hopes of earning incredible prizes like a Transformation Contract: Lumiel or Cursed Spirit’s Robe.

Source: Gameforge - AION

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