Grepolis eleventh anniversary

Grepolis eleventh anniversary

InnoGames Grepolis marks eleventh anniversary with continued success and battleships event

InnoGames, Germany’s leading developer and publisher of online and mobile games, celebrates the 11th anniversary of its online strategy game Grepolis. Grepolis is one of InnoGames’ classics and has experienced continued growth and success since its launch on browser in 2009. The game is enjoyed by millions of players around the world and has earned more than EUR 150 million in lifetime revenue. The top countries in terms of revenue are Germany, the United States and France. Coinciding with the anniversary is the Aegean Battleships event, which takes place through September 30th and tasks players with finding and sinking enemy ships to protect their cities.

It's our Birthday! Grepolis 11th Anniversary video - Grepolis

“We are proud to celebrate another successful year with Grepolis. The team works hard to provide game updates that include new content and community requests among other additions on a biweekly basis. We thank them for their hard work as well as our dedicated players, both new and existing,” says Jędrzej Czarnota, Product Manager at InnoGames. “Games have served as an important space to unwind and connect with friends and family over the last 11 years. We’re glad we could do our part by continuing to offer a positive, enjoyable experience with Grepolis and we look forward to sharing all that is to come in the future.”

In the Aegean Battleship event, players need to find the exact location of enemy ships. In order to fire at them, players will need ammunition, which can be gathered by completing regular actions in-game. Ammunition can be found up to 10 times each day. Hit or miss, each shot will result in a reward, with additional ones for successfully sinking a ship. These are known as ‘Sink Rewards’. Daily prizes are also available. New this year is the Divine Battle Strategy. All battle points received while this power is active are increased by 100%. In addition, each successful hit will also produce a Map Piece. Players need to collect all the Map Pieces to navigate the treasure map and unlock the sought-after grand prize: Ares’ Rage, which permanently improves attacks from the city it is cast on.

Grepolis was launched on browser in 2009 and the mobile app followed in 2013. Over the past eleven years, players have accumulated more than 62,000 years’ worth of playtime. During this time, players founded over 6 million poleis, but they did not just focus on constructing their own metropolis. Players also joined forces to form approximately 825,000 alliances and train upwards of 98 billion units in preparation for battle during this same period. All of this work led to the successful completion of over 568 million quests, helping players win the favor and assistance of the gods.

Grepolis is available in the browser as well as mobile for Android and iOS devices.

Grepolis in Browser - Grepolis for PC

Grepolis for Android - Grepolis Android devices

Grepolis for iOS - Grepolis for iOS devices

About Grepolis

In 2009, Grepolis became InnoGames’ third game released on the market. Grepolis sends players into the world of ancient Greece: Starting with a small polis, which they build into a metropolis over the course of time, they forge powerful alliances with other players and draw on the powers of the Greek gods. In 2012, Grepolis won the award as “Best Classic Browser MMO” at MMO of the Year. Celebrating its 11th anniversary in 2020, Grepolis is highly acclaimed by players around the globe.

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