Goodgame Empire Introduces Alliance Cities

Goodgame Empire Introduces Alliance Cities


Goodgame Empire has received a major content update this week, introducing alliance cities. Goodgame Studios has released a video in which Community Manager Steve gives us an overview of this interesting new feature. Watch it below.

Players can now team up with their alliances, build up a huge city and make it the capital of the Empire. The only prerequisite is founding a noble house, and these new cities are completely different from all the current ones. Only one of these cities will be allowed per alliance, and by constructing buildings every player in the alliance will receive bonuses

Alliance cities can only be attacked during battle periods (the first battle begins on June 7), and attacks on these cities are anonymous. Even the newbies can risk attacks without fearing for revenge.

As a reward for successful attacks players will earn royal tokens and royal coins. Tokens can be used to upgrade buildings and move up in the rankings. The first ranked alliance will earn the title of "royal capital" for their city. Coins is a new currency that allows players to purchase decorative items and equipment in an exclusive shop.

Watch the video now:

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