Goodgame Empire Free X-Mas gift

Goodgame Empire Free X-Mas gift here on F2P
Goodgame Empire Free X-Mas gift

GoodGame Studios and offer you the FREE X-Mas Gift for celebrate the Christmas from December 21th until Jannuary 8th for Goodgame Empire for all the users for this MMORTS Cross-platform Game (claimable for new and exisiting players), each game account has to be adove level 6 on Goodgame Empire.


Winter Collect Event Goodgame Empire

And the Winter collect event from now until Jannuary 8th, the event aviable from level 10 onwards and collect unique rewards duriong the event, Winter Prey event.

  • At the start of the “Winters’ Prey” event players will receive a certain amount of the event currency.

  • When players attack others they can steal the event currency from the other players
    ○ The attacker is anonymous

  • The amount of currency at the end of the event will be calculated and translated into rewards

  • At the event end players can spend rubies (in-game currency) to buy the rewards that they didn't
    manage to collect during the event

  • With specific skins and boosters player can steal more event currency from the other players

  • The event currency will be deleted after the event ends

  • The event is skinnable and can be used for other festival days

Year end Deals Goodgame Empire

Runtime: December 18, 2020 - January 6, 2021, Covers X-Mas and New Year, Up to 300% bonus content for all users

Source: Goodgame Studios - Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire (known as Empire: Four Kingdoms on Android and iOS) is a free to play Castle management war strategy MMO that can be played directly in your Internet browser with a quick and easy signup process. Players start as the ruler of their own small Castle and with a little help from some notable characters will earn resources, construct buildings, raise an army and expand their borders to conquer evil Robber Barons and even players. Complete a variety of quests and challenges to earn XP and level up unlock new buildings and features within the game.

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