Goodgame Empire Free Items Giveaway

Starting today and running through February 13, we'll be hosting a giveaway exclusive to new players of Goodgame Empire. We have special packs (each pack is valued at €10) that will help you in your journey as you develop your very own kingdom.

Goodgame Empire promo image

By simply registering through this link or by clicking on the "Play" button below you will be rewarded with the following items:

  • King's Tree, a decorative item that helps to increase public order, which increases the speed of production of barracks, woodcutters, stone quarries, farmhouses and workshops.

  • 9 WoF tickets, tickets that allow you to try your luck with the Wheel of Fortune, where you can win special and unique rewards.

  • 15 1hour MinuteSip, an item that allows players to skip constructing and repairing times.

In order to receive your item package you need to complete the tutorial and reach level 6.

If you want to know more about this game, feel free to consult our profile by activating the INFO button below.

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