Gamescom 2011 – World of Tanks new features and details

Gamescom 2011 - World of Tanks new features and details

At the Gamescom this year, Victor Kislyi gave us also some piece of news about World of Tanks.

He showed us the very spectacular Gamescom’s trailer for the game, and he commented that the dev team was currently working on improvements to his game graphics.

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After a short demonstration of his skills with a Löwe tank, Victor emphasized the overall quality and technique quality of the game by stressing in particular that the game was almost impossible to hack.


Victor also gave some explanation about why they recently decided to raise the price of the Löwe tank. Basically, after having reviewed a vast amount of statistical data the team stumbled upon an unfair pricing of the Löwe tank.

As the results of all its battles show, the Löwe earns its proud owners more XP and more money compared to its direct competitor, the KV-5. The statistics are most likely founded upon the Löwe’s higher stopping power due to its greater shell damage and penetration ratio.


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