World of Fishing

World of Fishing


GENRE: Free to play MMO Fishing Simulator


World of Fishing (European version of Fishing Hero) is a free to play fishing simulator where players can engage in friendly fishing competitions with each other or work together as a team as they sail around the world, completing quests and trying to catch exotic fish to add to their collection.


- 360+ fish available to catch
- Equip your character with different gear and clothing to increase their abilities
- Compete in Freestyle or Team Match
- Travel the world and explore large 3D environments
- Learn all about real world fish in the Fish Wiki
- Completely free to play


The core of the gameplay is to earn XP and coins, acquire various items of fishing gear and journey across a 3D world seeking out fishing locations to either complete quests or compete with other players. The act of fishing requires some skill and timed attacks to create a more active participation to the game, players can keep an eye on their score to see how well they are doing in comparison with other players.


There is a wide variety of items and consumables that players can purchase in the game, most equipment and gear require characters to be at a certain level before they can be used:

Rods – The higher the level of the Rod the increase Hit value it can perform on fish when in a fight to reduce their stamina more quickly

Reel – Allows players to reel more quickly depending on the quality of the reel, useful when a fish changes direction and runs out your line

Line – The chosen line determines both the length of the line and its tension rating, the higher the tension the less chance of the line snapping and your fish escaping

Bait – Different types of bait are needed to catch specific types of fish, the type of bait used will increase the chance of catching the type of fish you are after for Quests

Hook – Can increase a characters strength to make fighting fish easier, but needles/hooks can come in different types

Boat – Boats are used to get you to locations that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to fish in, the higher the quality the better mileage you can get when driving, improved speed (useful when in competitions), fish load capacity and more

Consumables – Many items are consumables and will be used up with use, most commonly is Oil Reservoirs needed for sailing your boat or drinks to increase your stamina

Clothing – Various items of clothing can be purchases which, as well as changing the image of your character, improves various stats and actions to make them more prolific fishers


The mechanics behind catching a fish require a lot of player involvement, skill, concentration and patience. Once a suitable spot has been located players cast their line into the waters and wait for a bite, they can use a consumable underwater camera to ensure that there’s fish around, but otherwise they can simply wait. When the line is cast a window appears showing the float in the water, once this float starts bobbing it means that a fish has taken interest in your bait, at any point a player can swipe with the mouse to strike and try to hook the fish; but timing this when the float has gone fully beneath the water will land a greater initial strike on the fish.

Once hooked the real battle begins, players must primarily use their left mouse button to reel in the line or let it run, but the primary goal is to run down a fish’s stamina so that it can be reeled in, the fish’s stamina can be seen on a bar and depending on the size and quality of the fish this bar can be multiplied a few times which will require an even tougher battle. To deplete the fish’s stamina the player must try to constantly keep tension on their line, measured by a Line Tension gauge, if it gets too high for too long then the line can break, but keeping it balanced by reeling or moving the boat can quickly drain the fish as well as allowing the player to make a Strike to stun the fish providing the player has stamina.

Once the fish has all of its stamina drained then the player catches the fish! Fish come in various shapes, sizes and grades, some are needed for completing quests, or give points when competing with other players, but they can also be kept as part of your growing collection.




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