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  • If you like fishing, you probably are interested in World of Fishing (the european version of Fishing Hero). If that's the case, we have a giveaway for you. We are giving away 10€ discount codes for purchases above 10€ within the game's premium-shop to be used once per account and only...
  • World of Fishing Closed Beta Keys Giveaway
  •   If you like fishing and MMOs maybe all your dreams come true. Masangsoft's latest free to play title, a quite unique mix of a 3D fishing simulator and MMORPG, arrives in Europe and we have Closed Beta keys for you. World of Fishing is both a fishing simulator and a MMO. It features...


One Comment - "World of Fishing"

  1. Milana December 9, 2015 at 10:24 PM -

    stupidly random game, with a lot of thier ingame wiki mistakes, translations, quests descriptions. dont even know how it gets 10th rank in chart. but its fun for couple of days. nothing else.

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