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If you like fishing and MMOs maybe all your dreams come true. Masangsoft's latest free to play title, a quite unique mix of a 3D fishing simulator and MMORPG, arrives in Europe and we have Closed Beta keys for you.

World of Fishing is both a fishing simulator and a MMO. It features high quality graphics, a sophisticated AI and numerous locations ranging from North America to Asia and South Africa. In this game players have their own boats, baits, outfits and hooks. And like in any regular RPG, character development is a key element. Players start using their rubber raft to look for mackerel but they can end catching sharks from their yachts.

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Step 3. Go to World of Fishing in order to create an account and add the key.

And if you want to know more about this title, stay tuned because soon we will publish a detailed profile and a review.


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