Total War Battles: Kingdom

Total War Battles: Kingdom


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: iOS / Android / Steam
DEVELOPER: Creative Assembly


A cross platform multi-language supported free to play title, Total War Battles: Kingdom transports players to 10th Century England during the medieval period and a time of upheaval and fighting for land between various noble houses. The game is a real time strategy in a persistent world where player must build up their kingdom, expand their empire and train their army to protect it.


- Construct buildings and expand your borders
- Alter the land to suit your needs
- Train up an army of medieval units
- Battle in real time combat against AI and players
- Cross platform compatibility
- Free to play


The core focus of the game is a balance of base/city building and real time combat through a series of PVE focused quests and challenges or fighting against other players in duels to try and earn rewards. Fundamentally players must demonstrate their ability to acquire and manage their resources, train up a strategic armed force, expand their territory and defend it from AI nobles and bandits.


Players begin the game with their own castle, the new Lord after their father and older brother died, your initial task as guided by your Advisor is to rebuild what is left of your Castle town and try to reclaim your territory from other Houses. Resources need to be collected primarily through production based buildings such as farms can harvest crop fields, quarries can mine, woodcutters can fell trees and constructing residential buildings will provide a source of peasants and blacksmiths yield silver.

Expanding the city is done by placing new buildings on the hex based world map, each hex can hold one structure such as a blacksmith, barracks, church or even farmland, players can even build a new castle and start a secondary town linking them with roads to further expand territory.


Players have access to handy land manipulating tools where they can raise and lower the land, required for building dams and blocking off rivers to dry up the land giving more hexes to build on. or lowering the terrain next to a lake to create a river that can be used to make arable farmland or even defenses.


For each military building that is constructed players can choose which unit type it produces, with only one squad unit produced per building players will need to build lots of different military buildings to get a large army with a variety of soldier types. Players are able to train siege weapons, infantry, cavalry, archers and more and can switch different units out into their active army, with a 3 by 3 formation (frontline, mid and rear), these formation slots are unlocked as players level up meaning their active army starts off smaller but can grow larger as players progress through the game and start facing greater challenges.


A battle can either come in the form of PVE missions to fight bandits or rival AI lords, or even face other players in duels in a last side standing battle. When initiated the two armies will face each other, players can move their units around prior to the battle starting to ensure their units are in front of the enemy units that they are strongest against, e.g. placing your spearmen in front of cavalry. Both armies will march towards each other and battle the unit in front of them (if melee) or players can choose their targets when using their ranged units.

In the battle units have default abilities such as charging the enemy for bonuses to attacks, or using a taunt to get a unit to focus on you and leave your squishier units alone. Units earn XP in combat and can be upgraded to give them even more abilities, as well as upgrading their attributes to boost their attacks, defense, range and more, or simply increasing the number of soldiers in an individual unit squad.


O/S: Windows Vista / OS X 10.6
CPU: Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz
Video: Intel HD4000 / Radeon HD4650 / GeForce 430
DirectX Version: 9.0

iOS or Android for mobile app


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