Total War Battles: Kingdom wallpapers


  • Total War Battles: Kingdom Welcomes The Vikings
  •   Total War Battles: Kingdom has received a major content update introducing the brand new viking units, new features, and several gameplay improvements, such as a new PvP matchmaking system or skill resets. The update, dubbed 'Viking Explorers', is now live across all platforms, so...
  • First Look at Total War Battles: Kingdom
  •   This week we checked out Creative Assembly's Total War Battles: Kingdom, the newest addition to the Total War franchise where players will take control over their own medieval Castle and build up an army to take over England. A real time strategy with strong elements of city/empire...
  • SEGA Announces Total War Battles: Kingdom
  •   SEGA have just unveiled a new free to play cross-platform strategy game, Total War Battles: Kingdom, which will combine intense battles with army management, kingdom building and devious social plotting. Currently in development by Creative Assembly’s Digital Team, it will be available...


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