Thundercall is a browser based free to play RPG where players are the heroes of the game facing off against all manner of demons that have infested the world and working with the deities of the realm. The game follows a traditional Asian style RPG building up your hero through various features and taking on the challenges and events in the game as well as uncovering a storyline through various quests.


- Two different classes: Warrior and Mage
- Quest based story content
- Upgrade your character with different features
- Pets and Mounts
- PVP in the Arena
- Take on challenging Bosses in PVE
- Free to play
- Browser Gameplay


The core of the game revolves around trying to build up your hero and progress through the game taking on the different challenges, whether PVE related or PVP. Building up your hero character and their Battle Rating is the key focus, with the majority of the game’s systems revolving around the different ways to do this. Battle Rating is the cumulative rating of all your character levels, gear, skill upgrades and more, combined it is a visual indicator of how strong a player’s character is, especially when comparing their power to other players in the PVP Arena.

Progression through the game is mainly done by completing quest stages, instanced locations that are linked in a linear series that players must advance through in order, gaining rewards and XP as they progress. End game focuses on players trying to get the best gear and ultimately trying to reach Rank 1 in the Arena competing against other players.


There are two classes that players can choose from in the game:

Warrior – A male fighter this frontline combatant excels in physical martial abilities, with his higher than average hitpool and stronger defenses he is able to fend off many attacks, and his swordplay can bring a swift end to any opponents

Mage – A female spellcaster she is a master of the elements who can harness fire, ice and lightning and twist them into powerful spells that deal significant AOE or direct damage upon enemies and decimate opponents across the battlefield

Each class has unique skills and abilities associated with it that define its role in battle, the Warrior is considered an easier class to play as they are harder to kill, but what the Mage lacks in defenses she makes up for in firepower and can quickly clear an area.


There are lots of different ways for players to upgrade their character’s BR, new features are constantly unlocked as players level up:

Levelling – Every time the player levers up their character they will directly increase their base stats making them stronger

Gear Upgrades – By acquiring special materials players use the Forge to upgrade their equipped items, which directly improve their own attributes such as their damage, defenses and dodge. Some materials allow players to completely change the weapon into a higher quality/rarity

Pets and Mounts – Mounts are accessed throughout the game and players can actually ride them around, aside from this by upgrading them they improve the characters stats. Pets can be hatched to give powerful companions that will aid the player, special eggs can be hatched with Diamonds premium currency to give an improved grade of pet.


In the game combat typically happens in quest stages or events, players have full control over their character and can move them around an area using the mouse. Abilities, skills and spells are bound to the number keys and use up stamina or mana depending on the class, these unleash a variety of close combat, ranged and area attacks, which happen in the location or direction of the mouse cursor giving full control over your attacks in combat.


The game has a number of different events available ranging from PVE to PVP features, players can challenge bosses for various rewards, try to climb the 100 levels of the Infinity Tower or go head to head with other players and challenge them for ranking in the PVP Arena.

GENRE: Free to play RPG

PLATFORM: Web Browser



Web Browser


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