Quake Champions

GENRE: Free to play FPS


A blast from the past with the previous Quake title being released in 2005 (Quake 4), Quake Champions brings back the old school FPS fast-paced arena battles, with multiple heroes, maps and weapons.


- 9 Playable characters [Beta]
- 3 Arenas [Beta]
- Classic fast-paced Quake gameplay
- Powerups and Weapons
- Free to play


Featuring the classic Quake gameplay, Quake Champions is a team based arena first person shooter where players will duke it out at break neck speeds, bouncing off jump pads through the air, bunny hopping to move fast, using a Rocket Launcher for the classic rocket-jump; it’s Quake in every way. With a variety of characters with unique abilities and numerous arenas to learn and master, with various game modes added post-launch; players will get the full Quake experience and more.


Currently the game sees nine Champions entering the arena, from a whole host of backgrounds with various unique abilities. Players will begin with one free character, Ranger, and can spend real cash to unlock the rest of the Quake Champion roster:

Nyx – A high speed Fathom Agent she has the ability to Ghost Walk, shifting into another dimension making her both invisible and immune to any damage and will instantly kill any opponent occupying the spot she rematerializes in

Scalebearer – A hulking warrior in exile, this powerful warlord has conquered and plundered countless worlds and stolen their technology to further bolster his own armies, but a single defeat lead to his exile. In battle he has the Bull Rush ability, able to charge an opponent dealing heavy damage and increases his resistance to incoming damage at the expense of his lowered manoeuvrability

Clutch – This sentient robot was once an AI programmed mining automaton with a force shield to protect itself; after a trip back from some mystical caves holding an ancient artefact, Clutch had “awakened”; with his Barrier ability he creates an instant impenetrable shield to project all projectiles, deactivating for a brief period to let his own shots fire through


In true Quake fashion players will be able to locate a variety of weapons and power ups across the battlefield, knowing where these boosters are isn’t enough and players will have to put themselves into harm’s way to reach them. A range of weapons can be found such as the classic Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun and Railgun, each offering players a different playstyle and level of skill required to wield them.


Currently the game showcases three unique arenas for players to battle upon, each with their own layout, featured locations, health and armor items as well as cooldown items:

Blood Covenant – This gothic temple to the Elder God Volkerh is lined with monumental statues of faceless monks is an ominous site of death and old blood worship; a Blood Pool at the central hub of the map and deep Catacombs that offer health recharges and a Lightning Gun, but with great rewards come a greater price as those seeking out this great prize must then fight their way back up from the depths where every opponent will have the high ground

Ruins of Sarnath – An ancient jungle temple to Cthalha, the slime slicked stone stairways that navigate this maze like ziggurat yield all sorts of interesting locations, such as a portal antechamber where fighters can teleport to the Eye of Cthalha to acquire an alternating Quad Power and Protection powerups, or discover the Railgun at the centre of the Cistern.

Burial Chamber – Deep underground this temple to Goroth is built beneath Mount Ngranek and the tomb of Goroth’s long dead champion is slowly consumed by the molten lava that seeps into its structure creating magnificent and deadly Lava Falls; a final resting place for anyone taking a well-placed knockback attack




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