GENRE: Free to play Shooter MOBA
PLATFORM: Windows/Consoles


A free to player Shooter meets MOBA based around team based fighting with a variety of unique Champions over an objective focused PVP battle in various maps and game modes.


  • Multiple Champions to choose from

  • Different maps and modes

  • Unique Skill Deck customization options

  • High quality graphics

  • Action FPS gameplay

  • Free to play


Fighting in six versus six battles Paladins at its core is a shooter where players will battle in an open arena in team based combat with an ultimate objective of getting access to the enemies’ Vault, protected behind three defensive gates at their castle fortification. Players must work together to be both attackers and defenders in a huge open map that can be traversed with each characters summoned mount to help move around the map.

The current main vault mode takes place on the Temple Ruins map and to make accessing the vault a little easier players will also battle it out over two alternately spawning control points that if captured will summon a Siege Engine. These points are located at opposite ends and one spawn in a town in the main town square, flanked on all sides by upper walkways and narrow streets, the other a huge open bowl valley where there is little cover for those trying to capture the point.

Standing on the point will slowly increase the capture gauge, though even if all the players trying to capture it are killed the points that they have earned are not lost, so it means that one team or the other will ultimately take control. Once they do and the Siege Engine is spawned they will have to escort and protect it as it makes its way… slowly.. to the enemy fort to start blowing up the gates.


There are numerous Champions that players can choose based on ranged and melee characters, whilst each Champion has their own unique skills they can be used in different ways and the character further customized to make them suitable for a particular role in the battle. Some of the characters are:

  • Cassie – Daughter to Arturos the huntmaster legend she comes equipped with both his bow and her mechanical childhood companion, a Hawk named Zigs. Cassie can perform a long range Blast Shot to damage and knock enemies back, use Scout to send out Zigs and mark enemies’ locations, or perform a Dodge Roll to quickly move out of the way.

  • Pip – The secrets of liquid fire when combined with technology allowed the alchemists of the Iron Shrine to create a powerful weapon; Pip lacked such skills and so he simply stole theirs. Using a powerful Explosive Flask attack he launches the flask to a target area where it explodes on impact, he can use his Elixir to increase his attack speed by 50% or use his Scurry ability to increase his movement by 100% for a short period of time.

  • Wog – Always a little on the strange side this blue orc was ridiculed when after leaving his tribe he returned claiming himself to be the prophet of their god Vex the lightning god, ridiculed right up to the point where he electrocuted everyone with his Chain Lightning attack. As well as bringing destruction Wog can summon a Healing Totem to heal himself or use his Surge ability to launch himself up into the air.


A unique customization feature of the game is the Skill Card deck, a mix between a Trading Card Game and MOBA in game levelling, players must collect cards to build up their own personalized deck prior to jumping into battle. Throughout the game players will level up, five times in total, and each time they get a choice from one of three randomly drawn cards: An Ability Card, A Weapon Card or an Armor Card.

Each card gives a buff when chosen, but the strength of the buff depends upon which level the card was selected, for example a card may increase attack power by 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%, meaning if it is randomly drawn when a player levels up the first time and then chosen from the three cards they will only get the 10% bonus, if however they select it when it is drawn for the fifth level up they will gain the 50% bonus.


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