Magic Duels

Magic Duels


GENRE: Free to play MMO TCG
PLATFORM: Windows, Consoles, iOS
DEVELOPER: Wizards of the Coast


Magic Duels: Origins is a free to play MMO of the popular Magic: The Gathering trading card game system where players try to gather hundreds of powerful cards, build their own decks and then battle against challenging AI and real world players in battles that see powerful Planeswalkers summon forth devastating spells and all manner of strange and magical creatures to fight for them.


- Hundreds of cards to collect
- Build your own deck of 60+ cards with the helpful deck builder tool
- Battle through the challenging AI story mode
- Compete against players and AI
- Fight in Solo matches or in 2 player duels
- Free to play content
- Cross platform compatibility


The primary features and mechanics in Magic Duels: Origins are essentially the same as those in the physical card game, seeing the same key cards and characters that have become popular over the decades since MTG first released. The game itself is typically played out between two players who adopt the role of Planeswalkers, powerful wizards tasked with destroying each other in battle. To do so players must summon creatures and spells to battle with represented by the hundreds of available collectable cards, a players personal arsenal is represented by their deck of 60 or more cards.

Each turn players will randomly draw cards from their deck into their personal hand, hidden from their opponent, and choose which cards to play by spending mana; each card has a mana cost, and try to make plays where combinations of cards have dramatic effects on either the enemy cards to remove them from play or directly against the target opponent Planeswalker and try to remove his health points. Each turn the player automatically draws one new card, increases their mana pool by one, and replenishes all spent mana from the previous turn, so as the game draws out players will begin to play more cards at once or play more powerful cards with higher mana requirements.

The first player to remove the enemy Planeswalkers 20 hitpoints is the winner.


There are various game modes that players can experience in Magic Duels: Origins:

Versus Battle – This mode is the traditional one on one battle where players can play against an AI opponent, either online or in offline mode, or against real players for a greater challenge

Story Mode – Following in the huge footsteps of notable and legendary Planeswalkers from the Magic: The Gathering lore, players are provided with a unique deck of cards for each of the five individual Planeswalkers as they progress through 5 stages of story content with each character

Two-Headed Giant – A fun an exciting two versus two battle, players can team up with their friends, AI teammates or other random players to go up against other teams of 2, either Ai/Human or AI/AI teams if on mobile or if playing on Windows or Console with Human/Human teams added into the options

Quests – Each day players will be given new quests that they are able to complete, offering various challenges these will provide players with rewards and encourages them to log in and play each day


There are various types of cards in the game that players can collect, including:

Creatures – These cards are played and placed onto the battlefield, with their own damage value for making attacks, hitpoints, armor and special abiltiies they are typically the primary and attackers and defenders for a Planeswalker

Spells – These powerful spells have a single use and can be used to damage, buff, curse, heal and more, either targeting a players own creatures, their opponents creatures or the Planeswalkers themselves directly

Land – These give players individual boosts and bonuses, allows them to play certain cards and generally increase a players mana pool

Auras – These cards can be permanently attached to creatures to give them a boost or new ability or to enemy creatures to curse them, the Aura card disappears when the creature dies

Equipment – Similar to Auras but these cards stay on the battlefield if the equipped creature carrying it dies and can also be exchanged between creatures


Booster Packs are virtual packs of cards that players can purchase by earning Coins in the game from playing matches; Booster Packs are sealed packs that will give players 6 random cards including a rare card that is more powerful that the standard common cards that players may find. Players also have the option of spending real money to purchase Booster Packs, which is much quicker that earning in game coins, however there is no difference between content and cards available through paying cash or the in-game Coins currency and everything can be earned without ever paying a penny.




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