League of Angels: Pact

League of Angels: Pact

League of Angels: Pact

League of Angels: Pact is the latest action-idle MMORPG in the League of Angels series. Participate in fierce battles, awaken hundreds of Angels and empower them and finally, defend the Holy Land of Justice with their help! you can play for FREE on PC or mobile devices.

Summon and Empower your Angels

There are a great many Angels at your disposal - summon forth the Angels and wield their divine power! Each Angel possesses mighty abilities with different skills and attributes. Upgrade, reinforce, reborn, power them up and hurl them into glory battles.

Use the Angel Bond power wisely to build the strongest team on the battlefield and fight together in the name of justice and holiness!

Fight Epic Boss for Endless Loot

Cross-server PK, Road to Challenge, Twelve Holy Lands... On every opportunity, Bosses and Raids shower you with shiny loot: divine equipment with a high rate drop ratio.

There are also different quests and tasks to complete on a daily and weekly basis. Clash in spectacular battles solo or alongside your comrades in a highly immersive combat experience!

Collect 100+ Divine Weapons & Wings

Unlock your Divine Weapons for great boosts in power!

Collect and activate Dazzling miracle outfits and wings that can be switched with powerful attributes at will.

Use AFK to Level Up

Say goodbye to manual leveling: Use AFK to level up.

Anyone can play whenever they like, and anyone can make serious progress with this innovative gameplay.

Dominate on the PVP Battlefields

A manifold of PVP and PVE events:

Test the power of your Angel warriors by challenging other players in the Arena from all around the world and reach the top of the ladder.

Clear dozens of challenging dungeons and get rich rewards!

Exquisite Character Art and Design

As a tribute to the League of Angels IP, the game's exquisite character art and design perfectly reference the original.

There's much more to learn about the Angels, discover the mysterious faces of all the Angels. Each skin comes with its unique bonus.

Source: Game Hollywood - R2Games - League of Angels: Pact - LoAP


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